Joseph Huang


Stanford MS
Computer Science


Amanda Dawson

Senior People Operations Manager

FSU BA, Oxford MSc. -
History & Politicial Science, African Studies

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Darsh Mann

Chief of Staff

PTU, IIT, Stanford university BS, MBA, MSx
Mechanical Eng., Management

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Ana Japaridze

Associate: Communications & Media Designer

Dartmouth BA
History, Design & Digital Arts


David Sanchez

Admissions Program Manager

Northwestern Bachelors

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Laura Kenney

Customer Success Manager

University of Georgia B.A.

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Pierre d'Hébrail

Full Stack Software Engineering Intern

CentraleSupélec MEng
Full Stack Developer

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Dee Knockum

Marketing Manager

Howard University MBA


Cameron Teitelman

Founder & Chairman

Stanford BS
Management Science and Engineering


Andrew Lee

StartX Med

Stanford MD/PhD
Chemical and Systems Biology

Syeda profile

Syeda Bahar

People and Projects

University of Dhaka & Wright State University BSS & MSS, MPA
Public Administration

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Photo 237979a09c6d142b9ef76561c50d40e385f27170 md
George Zachary Partner Charles River Ventures
Photo 52d69cb3d794f69f6c80ce44d5d015274e8a0ddf md
John Lilly Partner Greylock Partners
Photo 5ca858dd6d881ebb3cbca1a87601e51a39ae2032 md
Mike Cassidy Serial Entrepreneur Xfire, Direct Hit, etc.,
Photo f19a2a9a4e474464b5949d87f79c2aedf9b4ce35 md
Matt Cohler Co-Founder Facebook
Photo 3705b4a7bfd9e7cf264bf406eaabe0cfed699a93 md
Vinod Khosla Co-Founder Sun Microsystems
Photo 5ca30dd595b1ec33226bd1d72e569088bdf31dc0 md
Sue Johnston VP Operations Oracle
Photo 22f632760c895ba112f20e5204c0b752a36032cb md
Asheem Chandna Partner Greylock Partners
Photo a307d10fae2f2f5e3214b35457eb8546789d2813 md
Konstantin Guericke Co-Founder LinkedIn
Photo a68b325e5327d544887849ceeccf803b37cd8339 md
Howard Hartenbaum Partner August Capital
Photo 6268bf6517a207aa8dee9c37d8915f3938b8e1cb md
Christine Herron Director Intel Capital
Photo 04743be0f8cc41927c38614d5f3bb704d6cc8f25 md
Naval Ravikant Founder, Angel Angel List
Photo 3363855339e8749a85b86fda1aee618769a6e738 md
David Lee Managing Partner SV Angel
Photo 9019783cefd09bd427d8b3b721736fb302365bd4 md
Chris Michel Serial Founder and Investor Affinity Labs/
Photo a05de44d4ee79923beab16fd7f4632399d53afeb md
Chris Fralic Managing Partner First Round Capital
Photo 7ae20a0420c4729be559a01620fe92eb91e704a0 md
Matthew S. Bartus Partner Cooley LLP
Photo 20f865552d181bbf55f85df63dec9fa9af02b7ad md
Othman Laraki Vice President of Growth & International Twitter
Photo f3acfbcaa355a577430b52548a74c4c9fe6f6968 md
Supreet Oberoi Big Data Technical Evangelist American Express
Photo a371d7f48a8a32ebcfd9c93fcdbc8f901e85df1f md
Adam Rodnitzky CMO, Co-Founder ReTel Technologies
Photo 04ba3898c228228220a5f075e093bc500ea05f05 md
Dave Hodson Serial Entrepreneur MessageCast
Photo 1b7c3b3b0b13cfce3db663bccb77f95e55adbbbc md
Rebecca Lynn Partner Morgenthaler Ventures
Photo 040456b4bf4dad8abea6f9c97f0f8dd88658fefb md
Trent Herren VP of Revenue for Applications and Commerce Group AOL
Photo 04a34db8c136f6a2a51e738cb82a9ce2767d9d7f md
Michael Drejer CEO ProPeople
Photo 01852d7a46cdc2540a52008b0825695338dd6ab9 md
Bruce Schechter Angel Band of Angels
Photo 6aea9508840149a164a0a463a236d5c34abed6f0 md
Elliot Loh Entrepreneur Advisor
Photo f5bc8ec789a583af61e22045e36b33b003b2ebe1 md
Ariel Poler Angel Investor
Photo ccd83c2439fb996a3783eba58d00558d187643fb md
Michael Wolfe Co-founder Vontu
Photo fe12cf79bb32b4c7ae1879a6c6e7791fedb47db8 md
Sam Schillace SVP Engineering Box
Photo 4cf711ea08afcb675311cb3c746af6257f6a78cc md
Manu Kumar Chief Firestarter K9 Ventures
Photo f33482f5a922d10ab37db27381ca9a59e6b3bcd1 md
Brian Helmick Founder Algentis
Photo d56f44c60068d6715cdd6fae62f07f1cf82fdeac md
Burke Robinson Consulting Professor Stanford University
Photo 3bacd940af11cd81cdb7d1e9b9d8fc4593bb6b54 md
Claudia Carpenter co-founder Restartle
Photo fa0bbe76d62153dceff60a62e3efbd46536c2793 md
Clint Korver Co-President Stanford Angels and Entrepreneurs
Photo 5b00ed5e18d9dfbda6d9a59bafb387460b86dfcf md
Gary Kremen Founder
Photo f8af1bd0704ff250813eced6ffe020acde72e68d md
Scott Iyama Attorney at Law Suttcliffe LLP
Photo 11d92185b407e22bd5a1dfd52983c9cfee373eb7 md
David Wu Partner Maveron Ventures
Photo ca1a4de99515b0f8b5e81f0d3efdfa8d69c70a4b md
Greg Gretsch Managing Director Sigma Partners
Photo a1cf79602f6248b5f5a98b1df10b228ea7fc8a0b md
Stewart Alsop Partner Alsop Louie Partners
Photo 6f8abc2dd2b160647bffea852308cde1a13021a3 md
Jeff Clavier Founder and Managing Partner SoftechVC
Photo b14eeb52f3c3cb9f237b8c212ed621535d437ff1 md
John Malloy General Partner BlueRun Ventures
Photo 0085990249a7d08cd3983d737432bde60ce06364 md
Mary Etta Eaton Public Speaking Instructor Stanford University
Photo 238d89bcc0a88157b0f3110fda513be8352c6842 md
Mauria Finley Founder, CEO Citrus Lane
Photo 5a7e35581e2182848e319b9575a2e82a0a3b32f2 md
Jonathan Golden Product Airbnb
Photo ca8f7658f9ab96a99037e456b70ca5eb7b903346 md
Richard Ling General Partner Rembrandt Ventures
Photo 91a0d7a94afae3990c886fddc21f31b6b4754599 md
Jason Shellen Founder Brizzly
Photo a196f6f87bcd444ab7607a3c5145b2c1f60cf2df md
Jagjot Singh Managing Partner Five Rivers Group
Photo 8ef0fd97f6accf11a095eb901ea0dfa01fbc38bf md
Christine Venditti Partner The Cheyenne Group
Photo 8cd058b41cede8a6958fa6b21e929e4e6376a2b5 md
Chuck Eesley Assistant Professor MS&E, Stanford
Photo 7fcd862a4359b2e7a00769d46b3289339d1802b6 md
Dan Woods Business Development Palantir
Photo 5519656f0b638ad51ea13d3563176e7b70e28318 md
Sol Lipman Mobile Evangelist AOL
Photo 4b815fd4f479e2f20a6ca2aa9e9754f959e4c6f8 md
George Aspland Co-Founder and CEO ReTel Technologies
Photo 486b9714737c8e2b28fd1bcd60eb12ed27e4e021 md
Spencer Johnson Product Field Operations Box Top Solutions
Photo ef824813cd4a771bd89889e931fb709286d4422e md
Ryan Junee CEO and Co-Founder Inporia
Photo 6c59dfb7f756789675b3fbe3f623d01f20aae2e4 md
Owen Tripp CEO
Photo 330ad33d97f1e89af9b953e28ec4e29ecbe57a06 md
Ben Wang Founder Svaya Technologies
Photo d951ebe072100149d12165461ee6f9f06ef5d45e md
Chris Yeh VP Marketing PBworks
Photo ba41440593c851ce1ddbd12cb718517d6ded0cae md
Spencer D. Jackson Attorney at Law Orrick, Herrington & Suttcliffe LLP
Photo 9b7233e97268b9f1b435aa8330fdaa38d6f55319 md
Jatinder Singh VP of Research Deutsche Telekom Inc.
Photo 8bd5d8ee37c33308a27ad0f82fa729077878f23c md
Robert Siegel General Partner X/Seed Capital Management
Photo 1c2138532545971bab4aea1ce8f78b11a5b5cc4f md
Kevin Moynihan Managing Director Solace Systems
Photo b9c7d27a224662486221af466b991c642d247039 md
Freddy Mangum Managing Partner Cleantech Circle LLC
Photo fc307ff71ccdfd948b8d702c86a6781a9de9deb4 md
Jon Gillespie-Brown Founder Digital Ventures
Photo 3600272df9225a8c774b1ea2d097d52e1cbbe223 md
Jeff Depew Founder Imara Corporation
Photo c2c378991303edda00f9c6274d14a73766327474 md
Raju Iyer Chief Financial Officer Regional Medical Center of San Jose
Photo 5025aea27b4a42dad46de5fa9342903d730612ba md
Bill Kuhlman Vice President of Business Development BIA Separations
Photo a9505d7fc0d74361097ea621530ce6b52bed9e29 md
Saar Gur Partner Charles River Ventures
Photo 1a3352dddf2f1c2800f49402a41eac946ffa5795 md
Kent Goldman Principal First Round Capital
Photo 71785569d4f3c389a418ab2cd7054a60c684eb31 md
Ash Patel Co-Founder Morado
Photo 0fa7485c02dd7f493f907c97bb960df2bca9b930 md
Tom Kippola Managing Director The Chasm Group
Photo c4fbf2a507a6a7ff53d1b2453fe7429d6e30c69a md
Ari Chaney Executive Director for Technology Translation Stanford BioDesign Program
Photo f38619ab315c1bfcb52537f2735d7cd57fd09ca6 md
Chris McCann Founder [Startup Digest]
Photo f33b5741ff8eb55c2787d77c18e49e799c83cf8b md
Dan Ahn Managing Director Voyager Capital
Photo ab93d9abc3ffdcd4a1b239460eb6035ebab540f1 md
Sumit Agarwal Co-Founder, Vice President of Product Management Shape Security
Photo 86ba44d17b57abf7f15594df71f3e38a467404bc md
Ted Hollifield Co-Head Venture and M&A Practice Alston & Bird LLP
Photo f8cd4fc16e470d79c558d5295026879aaf32596c md
Jason Putorti Founder Votizen
Photo b68406525eecebd0f706b310cceb85065c3f4044 md
Don Dodge Developer Advocate Google
Photo 9f181ebe782a9b46c937eddcf162c47a301dcd02 md
Jonathan Baer Managing Partner FDI Institute/Principal Threshold Ventures
Photo 934967f3042b2eaff6ce31a87b87b811bd84e134 md
Jeff Tannenbaum Investor BlueRun Ventures
Photo 9957f78d2603601024a35119f60e622858c5b563 md
Adam Smith Partner AOL Ventures
Photo a32e58aadadcc6a04c04e3a9a19bf4aff9fb96d6 md
Amir Belson Founder Neoguide
Photo f95fef1ac507fa5173e176552ea2040f4f30bab0 md
Katherine Barr Partner Mohr Davidow Ventures (MDV)
Photo d12b2d988aa62e24056d4ccae8eaaa7c06612d09 md
Mark Blumenkranz Professor and Chairman Department of Ophtalmology Stanford University
Photo 02ce0b07f8777ee2438fdf1e5d2af35a3eb4ede9 md
Renata Quintini Partner Felicis Ventures
Photo bc6f41d8b790775697f6ba87b8cbfd9dff0e0728 md
Humphrey Polanen Senior Partner punchlime
Photo 0241937af08c37f59a12a2aa07e652942347f80f md
Pejman Nozad General Partner Amidzad
Photo 346792b6547555264d4cf1bb3a0be32450fcb465 md
Peter Muller President Interform
Photo a8190994da3fdb1f9111dab9b8628c760305b423 md
Tim Chang Managing Director Mayfield Fund
Photo 408b18f175d8a85fa32d1cd278d54228cd5c0998 md
Andrew Chung Partner Khosla Ventures
Photo 9477c8e61016e2c0b8deb81713a6781faf02eebc md
Susan Lucas-Conwell CEO Great Place to Work Institute
Photo 2c8c06a8d5b24112c8f32286cdf058b9f609a8d5 md
Peter Danzig Co-founder Virtuata
Photo 8163d151190c5415087ecc4e8ff79cb69e0b8420 md
Chris Farmer Partner General Catalyst
Photo 3b5f51351e28b1016a5f84ec6b3341e93daf6bda md
Skip Fleshman Partner Asset Management Ventures
Photo 81f2fad744f28b4e54918d553bb1854aa01646ab md
Sean Flynn Partner Shasta Ventures
Photo bdbb7e101e751551a2736aae5cad3e6ac3a5e4b6 md
Amy Lockwood Deputy Director Center for Global Health at Stanford University
Photo b456b850ef6624345319e059db60278dc1103d34 md
Elad Gil Strategy Advisor Twitter
Photo d4bf63307163f9db50ef80da02ad2286c755f7c8 md
Gilman Louie Partner Alsop Louie Partners
Photo ae8db6041947a881898298329b5c1a630bfa1063 md
Jay Borenstein Department of CS Stanford University
Photo 568d3b2f62a7ffc39d766c21bf5823f5d929772d md
Brad Garlinghouse CEO YouSendIt
Photo 3d4f823489d9c848d53879f4256d8afe163ab784 md
David Hornik General Partner August Capital
Photo 8819182f5a52c9a4702c6b01bd2b95cdca6077a4 md
Karl Jacob Founder, CEO Coveroo
Photo b7a7ee70aa7edd0bd8fd9073c2650da87f5d438d md
Miriam Rivera Board of Trustees Stanford University
Photo 816edc18877c2275e92c99f46ac8815c964aaefe md
Don Wood Managing Director Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Photo 8db29d205bc3ccde24e4b76ca370cd87479e6c34 md
Dinesh Katiyar Partner Accel Partners
Photo 23ac5f9ce91995340e62c432a396a7ab39d48e2d md
Brian Hamel CEO and Founder Nuvolex
Photo 3226db58f05b8cd5fd7d6bffd4998ebd6653cd5a md
Shannon McClenaghan CEO Native Union USA
Photo 2b2c118ea1ac9d86cfa827db95f4d60dc5ab251a md
Frédéric Kerrest Co-Founder & COO Okta, Inc.
Photo 817e6ece0c40583e3ab6e8d7e9eadd3b81636d5a md
Raymond Stern Cofounder and Managing Director ClearPath Partners
Photo cc68e38bef77b48729f93418335322af871b7c29 md
Mike Hurst CEO Exactuals LLC
Photo 10c5bbf66e450902e9fe50eede649c87e98e84bd md
Jenny Lefcourt Seed-stage Investor Freestyle Capital
Photo 691ce6e0fa4c7d4098c59bcca66aff998c29bb4a md
Cary Rosenzweig Founder and Managing Director Reflect Partners
Photo 8c44fe0d49f795f840f51da1c6d348103568cb45 md
Arthur Chait Founder EoPlex Inc.
Photo 9966122c0a80c18622b4ecaa8af10ad84b77ea1b md
Jennifer Gill Roberts Founder Grit Labs
Photo 4855b9b2788dd09d89052455e62d6b7512ead0a0 md
Fadi Karam General Manager & VP Marketing Nestle
Photo 7300d1c4667ab6bb3d7f1a0ea7f6479d7225fe19 md
Mark Chung CEO, Cofounder Verdigris
Photo c1eb77f392c9ef23f4d10782893c5b8c39fcf5a0 md
Athanasios Tsiatis SVP, Clinical Development ALX Oncology Inc.
Photo 1043a080a1b8c1eb592b5d1a43c7621dc6affe17 md
Ryan Witt President Asclepius