StartX Med is a medical vertical of StartX focused on accelerating the development of Stanford's top medical entrepreneurs through experiential education and collective intelligence.

Recognizing that medical start-ups have industry-specific needs not addressed by the typical accelerator, StartX Med was developed by Divya Nag, a StartX alumni who founded Stem Cell Theranostics, and her company co-founder, Andrew Lee. The two sought to bring additional resources such as wet/dry lab space, animal testing facilities, clean rooms and specialized instruction on med-tech intellectual property and the FDA approval process to medical companies.

Today, StartX Med focuses on "Advancing breakthrough healthcare technologies by accelerating the development of Stanford's highest-potential medical entrepreneurs." We do so by focusing on people in order to develop a community and educate our founders in their efforts to transform healthcare. We support founders across the entire innovation life cycle in biotechnology, medical device, health IT, care delivery innovation, imaging and diagnostics.

StartX Med companies apply through the same competitive StartX process and work alongside the entrepreneurs in the StartX program.

We take 0% equity from founders.

  • 135+ companies

    135+ Medical companies have gone through StartX Med,raising over $920M+ in cumulative funding across all medical fields. (Med devices, Biotech, Digital Health and Diagnostics)

    24 FDA approvals over past 4 years and counting.

  • Life Science

    All top 10 global pharmaceutical companies are paying customers of StartX Med portfolio companies.

  • Medical Partnerships

    Clinical partners of StartX Med companies encompass over 250 hospitals, 30,000 care centers, 50,000 physicians, 60M annual patient visits.

StartX Med Labs is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurial scientists to build successful companies.

  • We offer core facilities on-site for research in biology, chemistry, and medicine (ex. fume hoods, tissue culture facilities, PCR, gel imaging system, and more).
  • StartX Med Labs is entirely community-operated, and is structured as a non-profit cooperative to serve the StartX Med community.

  • Click here for more information about StartX Med Labs Cooperative.


A Community for Founders

StartX Med has accelerated the development of some of Stanford's best medical entrepreneurs.

Our founders range from undergrads and masters students to post docs, professors, and Stanford alumni. We are proud to be building a community of all the top medical founders from Stanford.

Our founders have released products, become profitable, raised funding, filed patents, and been covered extensively in the press, including TechCrunch, the Wall Street Journal, Inc Magazine, Forbes, and many more.

  • "StartX Med has been instrumental in helping us develop as entrepreneurs. The community is very supportive and has pushed us to never give up. Our mentors routinely go beyond our expectations to advise us and connect us to their personal networks so we can reach our goals. I would strongly advise any entrepreneur serious about starting a company to apply to StartX."

    - Andrew Lee
    Stem Cell Theranostics, StartX Med First Session

  • "StartX Med has built an unrivaled founder and mentor community that has seen exponential growth in its influence and impact. Our community enables both alumni and current founders to access a wealth of knowledge and experience that each individual entrepreneur or company cannot possess. This is indeed a privilege, one that helps avoid mistakes, solve real problems much faster, and learn to navigate often-complex industries like healthcare. "

    - Victor Gane
    DermLink, StartX Med First Session

  • "StartX Med mentors are accomplished entrepreneurs who guide you in building your vision into reality, without pushing their own vision on to you. The tools, insights, success and failures they shared, inspired us and helped us learn to purposefully make effective decisions that soon turned out to be of great strategic importance for the success of our business."

    - Pratik Verma
    AgeTak Inc., StartX Med First Session

  • Stemcell

    Drug screening using human cardiomyocytes derived from patients to accelerate the drug development process. Recently received a $20M grant from the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine

  • Remedly logo 400

    Optimizing Operations of Clinics With Specialty ERP Software

  • Agetak

    AgeTak builds solutions for healthcare and financial markets that simplify: combining enterprise data assets, maintaining identifiable-information privacy, and creating legal proof-of-compliance.

StartX Med Companies


World-Class Mentorship

StartX Med benefits from the best mentors in Silicon Valley ranging from entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to professors and lecturers from the Med School. We have selected the top experts in today's technologies such as Web 2.0, SaaS, cloud computing, mobile application, as well as business expertise on marketing, sales, operations, and finance.

The mentors will provide your teams guidance and advice based on your specific needs through panels, lectures, and informal meetings. By forming personal relationships with the best and the brightest entrepreneurial minds, you will not only gain access to their unique networks, but you will be provided the guidance you need to start your company off on the right track.

Med Mentors

Photo 321eb079bbc7427071056173a788144ddecee2c4 md
Paul Yock Director and Founder Stanford BioDesign Program
Photo 85db53893ed48f7df0ad643d552411f9311d9bc3 md
Missy Krasner Founding Member Google Health
Photo d2b13936d3ce85f6119b61068c5f6618d4935537 md
Tom Ruby Co-founder Miret Surgical
Photo 7c1ac5fa2d113b74a1a324305d1d306ebc5997e6 md
Uri Lopatin Senior Director Clinical and Translational Research at Gilead Sciences
Photo 4c8e6e772c0c2370eb751a2ea030d110dcee1e54 md
Mike Kaplan Founder and Managing Director Altos Health Management
Photo 48b34f2664c581e2c22e138dddb52a2b2d637df6 md
Marta Zanchi Managing Director Medinnovo
Photo 20365cd8cabc47102c26964388999f72ed167ab8 md
Michael Alvarez Founder BayBio
Photo f3f26ae2dd1192573d0662784c0e6df78bf259bb md
Arjun Rao Clinical Effectiveness Lead Stanford Hospital
Photo 0e04ed0a9c0d63927eaa99c5fc78838b93ff820f md
John Flygare Senior Scientist Genetech
Photo 6b16fa92a7cde9e44e510f8c38e573bdf1f5df6c md
Scott Barclay Investor Data Collective
Photo 75844390892179a5da78777d61be7b21f4bed5aa md
Joe Mandato Managing Director De Novo Ventures
Photo 1dab44da9ba2fb68321e9b6ad9799f687221cfbd md
Boyd Faust Chief Financial Officer Titan Health Corporation
Photo 364a7416c9ea973c8b935213e6037e2fb741c4ce md
Sean Handel Senior Vice President of Product Management Epocrates
Photo b52081a71ede69e5f1909a154adf4d32f0db3b9d md
Milt McColl Founder Gauss Surgical
Photo a9c0235a45ae5a71a7034f5c3949e8454364fd46 md
John Fesko Director of Business Development Roche Molecular Systems
Photo b18853c7764276a3be4a4bd4dd93d27cf64ad4b3 md
Marco Smit President Health 2.0
Photo 303690aa55e8362f2cdca346c9347b9b1b20b17f md
Albert Chan Chief of Digital Patient Experience Sutter Health
Photo 18520986d379ae2bbf09eb880899c84997ddddc5 md
Carl Bouthillette Founder Metis Lighthouse