What is StartX?

StartX is a collection of 1200+ serial entrepreneurs, industry experts, tenured Stanford professors, and 700+ well-funded growth-stage startups, including Lime, Branch, Life360 (IPO), Poynt, Patreon, Kodiak Sciences (IPO) and more. We believe that as entrepreneurs we can achieve more as a group than we can as individuals. As a community, our goal is to find creative ways to collaborate so that each of our companies can have a long-term positive impact on the world. From this, we designed the StartX Community: a community for founders who don't need to give up equity.

Why StartX?

Talent Network

  • Unfair access to top Stanford talent: StartX is competitive at every career fair on Stanford Campus because StartX has a booth that says “apply to 700+ Stanford startups with a single resume” whereas every other booth “e.g. Apply to Qualcomm” is one job application at a time. Once resumes are collected, they are available to all StartX companies through its online jobs portal and your concierge will highlight matches for you.
  • Concierge Hiring Services: As a member of the StartX community, you have access to concierge services where you can have a full-time StartX staff member helping to recruit for specific roles at your company from candidates across the entire StartX network and Stanford ecosystem. This is comparable to having another employee who is tapping into one of the best talent networks on the planet.
  • Access to pre-vetted high-quality entrepreneurial-minded pool of talent: StartX founders have also directly hired StartX founders transitioning post-exit, or acquired other StartX companies.

Brand Affiliation with Stanford University

  • Alumni Network of Stanford University: Stanford University supports StartX companies. With Stanford as an investor, StartX Founders have reported that it has been easier to tap into the powerful Stanford alumni network. Stanford’s CFO, Randy Livingston, and previously President John Hennessy (Chair of Alphabet) have helped StartX founders with high-level intro’s to the CXO’s of other companies in the Stanford alumni network. This can be an unfair advantage when trying to access key decision makers. Some companies have closed dozens of deals through this process of warm-outreach.

Customer Network

  • Easily Access 700+ Customers: StartX has 700+ companies and 1,300+ founders. Many of its early stage companies have gotten their first 40-50 paying customers from the network. And many later stage companies have leveraged the network to rapidly accelerate expansion.

Category-Specific Founder and Executive Communities

  • Founder-Driven Communities: Founders have access to email lists that reach specific communities. There are lists for biotech, edtech, hardware, female founders, international, and more.
  • Executive Communities: For later-stage companies, StartX also offers executive communities around marketing, sales, hiring, scaling engineering and more. This support ecosystem has proven invaluable for founders who are scaling their companies and want to better equip their executives and other managers with a peer group from which to learn and share ideas.

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