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What is StartX?
StartX is a collection of serial entrepreneurs, industry experts, tenured Stanford professors, and well-funded growth-stage startups. We believe that as entrepreneurs we can achieve more, as a group, than we can as individuals. As a community, our goal is to find creative ways to collaborate, so that each of our companies can have a long-term positive impact on the world.

From this, we designed the StartX Community: a community for founders who don't need to give up equity.

Who can apply?
If you're a serial entrepreneur, industry expert, Stanford professor, or well-funded / growth-stage startup, apply to join StartX right away!

(Or, if you're an especially high-potential first-time founder we are happy to consider your application as well.)

NOTE: If your team does not have Stanford-affiliation, choose "Visiting Founder" on your application. StartX offers an invite-only Visiting Founder Application, for non Stanford-affiliated teams. You will need a recommendation from 1 StartX founder to confirm your application submission. To receive a recommendation, please request your StartX reference to visit to recommend you before the submission deadline. If we haven't received your recommendations by the deadline, your application will be void and will not be reviewed.

Who is a Stanford affiliated founder?
A Stanford-affiliated founder is someone who was/is a Stanford undergraduate student, graduate student, faculty member, post doctoral scholar, academic staff member, or fellow in a recognized Stanford fellowship program. Additionally, the Stanford founder(s) must hold a significant equity stake in the company.

What is the deadline to apply?
Applications are processed on a rolling basis. Reserve your spot now at

I am a first-time founder. How can I benefit from StartX?
If you're an especially high-potential first-time founder that we've admitted into the StartX Community, we'll start you our right away with 1-1 mentorship and educational seminars on the topics that affect you most. First-time founders also greatly benefit from our community of founders of different stages, board of advisors, fundraising coach, etc.

Plus, all companies receive $1.2M+ of free resources, as well as drop-in office space, legal advice, etc.

I am an experienced founder. What will StartX offer me?
StartX is set up to get you real tactical support, right away. We also handle recruiting from Stanford University’s best students, offer PR & BD resources, and much more.

Experienced founders often rely on StartX's ability to provide educational training for their employees, access to industry & domain experts, and are given a peer group of other experienced founders in the same stage/role/industry to compare notes with.

Is there a time commitment I need to plan for?
Nope. We're not an accelerator. Engage at whatever level makes the most sense for you. The judges have a recommendation for you based on their assessment during the admissions process.

What criteria do your judges look for?
We're looking for the best entrepreneurs who believe in the model of what we're trying to build at StartX. We don't admit companies, we admit the founders that build them.

I'm a current Stanford student, should I apply to Student in Residence Scholarship, or to the StartX community?
Good question! The Student in Residence (SIR) Scholarship is a great stepping stone on your entrepreneurial journey, and can often help prepare you to apply to StartX. The SIR Scholarship provides financial aid to student entrepreneurs, as well as temporary 6 month access to select StartX resources. To learn more about the Student in Residence Scholarship, visit

Who reviews my application?
Applications are reviewed by StartX alumni and trusted expert judges in our network.

Do you really accept companies at any stage and industry?
StartX typically admits serial entrepreneurs, industry or domain experts, Stanford professors, and well-funded / growth-stage companies. However, we do often accept especially high-potential first-time entrepreneurs as well.

We support all industries, historically ranging from biotech, informatics, medical device, hardware, fintech, cleantech, and non-profit to the more traditional consumer/enterprise/health IT & deep tech.

The community has companies of all stages, whether you have only recently developed an initial prototype or have already raised Series B+.

I have a medical startup. Can I apply to StartX?
Yes! StartX has one of the best medical programs in the world.

StartX Med companies include GigaGen, Lark, Gauss Surgical, Purigen Biosystems, AccuraGen, Freenome, Breathometer, Arterys, Eko device and many more! To learn more, visit StartX Med

I/we have two separate ideas, do we need to submit 2 different applications?
Yes, please submit separate application for each of your companies.

I am a solo founder. Is that a disadvantage?
Not at all! We have admitted many solo founders. As long as you can demonstrate that you are able to manage running all aspects of your start-up, you will do great.

You said you’ll provide feedback/advice to all companies that apply. How does that work?
Every company that applies is offered customized advice & feedback on their specific company (from VCs, serial entrepreneurs, and StartX alumni) regardless of the outcome of the application!

You’ll receive an e-mail near the end of the application process with the details.

Am I too early for StartX?
We're looking for the best entrepreneurs who believe in the model of what we're trying to build at StartX. We don't admit companies, we admit the founders that build them.

Early founders are evaluated purely on their potential. A great way to find out what you need to be admitted is to have applied in a previous session. Teams not admitted are always offered customized advice & feedback on what steps they can take to reach the next level.

I have applied before. Can we apply again? How can we increase our admission chances next time?
Yes! We always encourage you to apply again. Our judges love being proven wrong.

For inexperienced founders, the application process itself can a learning opportunity of its own. Incorporate the advice & feedback that you receive, and continue to make progress in those areas!

What is an applicant mixer? Do I need to submit an application to attend this event?
An applicant mixer is an exclusive event for the founders that have submitted an application. It’s a unique opportunity to not only learn more about the program but also to meet and interact with StartX startups, staff and other fellow applicants.
Only applicants who've submitted an application are granted entrance.

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