Available Volunteer And Internship Positions

StartX focuses on personalized education and development not only for founders, but for its team. You will work alongside Stanford's best founders and be put in roles that will help you personally develop and work on things that you are passionate about. Come join us and get immersed in Silicon Valley culture.

StartX Med Volunteer Fellows

StartX Med's Student Volunteer Fellows have a variety of skills, are able to work in entrepreneurial outcomes or business development, and take on significant responsibility. The student volunteer fellow program is open to anyone interested, ranging from freshmen to grad students.

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Apply to 590+ StartX Companies

Apply for jobs at StartX Companies. Keep in mind that more than 30 companies are accepted in the community each admission cycle. The number and variety of opportunities to join StartX companies continues to grow with each session.


Available Full Time Positions on the StartX Team

Head of StartX Med

You would be in charge of driving success for StartX Med companies. This could mean building strategic partnerships with F2000 companies, supporting an ecosystem of medical startup founders, researching key entrepreneurial outcomes, and building aligned resources and experiences.

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Manager - Experience Design and Customer Development

The StartX Experience Design & Customer Development position represents the opportunity to work with a world-class team who together construct StartX's offerings and who aim to be the world’s preeminent provider of experiential entrepreneurship education. Combine your entrepreneurial or design experience with your passion for empowering the Stanford community to solve real-world problems, and create opportunities for optimal collaboration, training, and development of 1300+ of Stanford's best entrepreneurs across 650+ companies.

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Development Manager

The Development Manager (Manager) will spearhead philanthropic development efforts on behalf of the StartX community. A new position in the organization, the Manager will have the opportunity to design, implement, and deliver an alumni giving program that both drives StartX entrepreneurs to maximize their future philanthropic impact, and creates a model supporting further growth of the community itself. Combine your development experience with your passion for empowering entrepreneurs to solve real-world problems, and provide the resources that allow for optimal collaboration, training, and development of 1300+ of Stanford's best entrepreneurs across 650+ companies.

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Campus Partnerships Manager

The StartX Campus Partnerships position represents the opportunity to work with a world-class team of founders, designers, and Stanford students, professors and administrators. Combine your background in developing partnerships and serving as a connector on campus in order to optimize opportunities for Stanford's top founders.

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Business Development Sales Manager

The Business Development / Sales Manager position represents the opportunity to develop a world-class sponsorship portfolio and inspire global Fortune 2000 enterprises to pilot, co-develop, and license products and services from Stanford's fastest-growing well-funded market-ready startups. Combine your passion for enterprise sales with your excitement about startups and power the success of a community for 1300+ of Stanford's best entrepreneurs.

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Full Stack Software Engineer

Work in the most fast paced, collaborative, and well connected entrepreneurial environment in the world. Design and ship features that will be actively used by 1300+ of Stanford’s best entrepreneurs in StartX’s community.

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Public Relations Manager

The Public Relations Manager position represents a great opportunity to work on StartX and StartX founders' discoverability, build relationships with our founder community and reporters, and channelize their experience.

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Business Development

Help StartX to identify business development opportunities in the technology and investment community. Working closely with law firms, banks, VC funds, tech companies, foundations, and more, assist StartX in building strategic partnerships. Working with founders to understand their pain points and identify ways to help them use existing external strategic partnerships. Help manage relationships with strategic partners and develop programming and events to connect our founders and partners. Identify promising targets for new partners by researching the technology landscape and getting feedback from founders and other key stakeholders.


The programs team accelerates Stanford’s top founders by building a world class educational experience and a high-quality community of entrepreneurs at StartX. Understand the learning needs of the founders to maximize the value of their accelerator session and engage StartX’s education network to find people who can help meet these needs. As a member of the programs team, you’ll also schedule and plan education events to accelerate founder learning.

The programs team plans events that encourage founders to share challenges, utilize collective intelligence, and learn together. These events include socials and recreational activities for founders to get to know each other better in a non-work related environment to speaker series with serial entrepreneurs.

Mentors are critical to founder success. The programs team matches founders with experienced serial entrepreneurs who will mentor them, enabling them to grow as founders and accelerate the success of their companies. The team is also responsible for sourcing mentors to grow StartX’s network.

The programs team provides resources to support founders in PR, design, recruiting, and fundraising. Connect with founders and understand their needs in these areas. Funnel founders from educational events to customized resources, such as PR lists, requests for warm introductions to investors, and an online portal to recruit technical talent based on skills.


Streamline and improve StartX’s processes to improve organizational effectiveness. Design and conduct analyses to gain insight into current processes. Transform your analyses into implementation plans with milestones and responsibilities. Scale StartX’s processes to support its rapid growth and lay the foundation of new infrastructure to allow StartX to support even more founders.

Learn to manage people and build company culture. Match StartX’s internal resource needs to staff and ensure feedback loops within StartX close seamlessly. Organize team events and implement reward systems to reinforce the organization's operating principles and cultural values. Ensure StartX is a place where all staff are engaged members of the team. Facilitate tactical feedback sessions between staff members, including both volunteers and full-time staff. Plan orientation and training for new staff members and gather feedback to improve.

Those interested can also learn about corporate finance and accounting on the operations team. Participate in StartX’s budgeting planning and management process and implement initiatives to improve the process.


The Marketing team builds StartX’s brand, sets market positioning, and implements the marketing strategy. Organize campaigns, marketing events, and outreach initiatives. Generate StartX collateral and marketing content, including written and visual components. Design for different mediums, including web, email, and print. Lead marketing on Stanford campus for StartX at career fairs and entrepreneurial events. Run large-scale online marketing campaigns. Manage StartX’s social media and network presence, including on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, AngelList, and CrunchBase, and keep all information current. Support StartX companies’ brand and PR needs.

Tech & Software Engineering

The Tech team manages the StartX website and a network platform for the StartX community, in addition to continuously creating new tools to improve the founder experience. Create new web applications and update the existing StartX website. Organize and maintain StartX’s core data structures. Learn Ruby on Rails, Javascript, etc. and gain technical skills. Work closely with the Tech team on the entire process of designing and deploying a new application, from drafting mock-ups to gathering feedback from founders.

StartX Med

Help StartX’s incredible medical companies in digital health, medical devices, life sciences, and biotechnology work through the ups and downs of starting a healthcare company. Additionally, get the opportunity to work with StartX’s medical partners, including Johnson & Johnson and Stanford Health Care. The StartX Med team interviews our medical founders to determine their biggest obstacles and develop resources to help them. Vet and source high quality medical investors and mentors into the community. Assist all medical founders through the program, including everything from customizing community events for StartX Med to developing resources for the StartX-QB3 Labs.