The best founders don't need accelerators

StartX is not an accelerator. It is a non-profit community associated with Stanford University. You don't have a time limit, you don't give up equity, and it's not a boot camp with mandatory events.

StartX is a collection of serial entrepreneurs, industry experts, tenured Stanford professors, and well-funded growth-stage startups. We believe that entrepreneurs can achieve more as a group, than we can as individuals. We help our companies hire elite talent, secure funding, and tap into one of the most powerful and innovative networks in the world: the Stanford University Alumni Network and other StartX Founders.

Our companies have a combined valuation of over $19B

700 startups
since 2011
1300 founders
in the StartX community
$10M+ raised on average
per accepted company
84% of companies
still growing or acquired
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"If something like StartX had existed, I would have been a founder much earlier in my career."
Konstantin Guericke, Co-Founder LinkedIn
"When we started Yahoo!, I wish StartX was around back then."
Jerry Yang, Co-Founder Yahoo!
"Through StartX, I’ve recruited highly qualified talent, and found the management team to be very engaged, deeply devoted and genuinely interested in successful outcomes for its founders."
Osama Beidier, Co-Founder Poynt

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