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Covid19 abcnews article

Inside the Silicon Valley ‘brain trust’ taking aim at COVID-19

The group gathers on Monday nights, their faces populating a video chat -- not unlike millions of other professionals adapting to the coronavirus era. But this gathering is different. On the screen are the founders and CEOs of some of the newest Silicon Valley startups. Just a few months ago, these were the people devising ways to disrupt industries under the umbrella of StartX, a Stanford-affiliated incubator known for mentoring future dot-com tycoons.
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Covid19 govtech article

Stanford Nonprofit Focuses on Government for COVID-19 Tools

A professional network of physicians, scientists and entrepreneurs has formed the StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force, a collaborative group focused on government outreach and fast-tracking urgent technology.
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Leading Stanford Alumni Scientists and Physicians Launch StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force

70+ StartX Med Innovators with Medical Breakthroughs for the Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatment of Coronavirus Mobilize Efforts to Fast-Track Public Health Needs During Pandemic.

Palo Alto, CA — March 18, 2020 — StartX, a non-profit startup community of more than 1500 Stanford faculty and alumni founders, announces the launch of its StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force and the mobilization of its industry-leading medical companies providing solutions for the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of the novel coronavirus. The group of leading scientists, physicians and professor entrepreneurs will collaborate on outreach to government agencies, regulatory bodies and healthcare systems in the interest of public health. Read more...

StartX Extends Online Investor Demo Day for Investors Funding COVID-19 Solutions

The New Crop of Impact Funding Opportunities Follows the Recent Launch of the StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force with the Mobilization of 70+ Stanford Alumni Scientists and Physicians Working on Critical Solutions for the Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatment of the Novel Coronavirus.

Palo Alto, CA — March 30, 2020 — StartX, a non-profit community of 1,500+ Stanford alumni and faculty entrepreneurs, has been perfecting the online demo day experience for the past four years and was fully prepared to present funding opportunities to its network of thousands of top VCs and Investors when the pandemic broke out. Since then, opportunities to fund companies that are making an incredible impact in combating the coronavirus have grown significantly with the mobilization of the StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force and StartX has extended the Online Demo Day for companies fundraising for their COVID-19 solutions. Read more...

StartX Med Alliance of Remote and Telehealth (SMART) Companies Respond to Massive Shift in Patient Care Delivery During COVID-19 Crisis

Group to Support Providers Through Innovative Digital Health Solutions as Telemed Patients Show Increases up to 175% During the Pandemic

Palo Alto, CA — July 28, 2020 — StartX, a non-profit startup community of more than 1600 Stanford faculty and alumni founders, announces the launch of its StartX Med Alliance of Remote and Telehealth (SMART) Initiative and the mobilization of its digital health medical companies to support healthcare providers in their delivery of telehealth, remote monitoring, remote diagnostics, and virtual care services. The consortium will collaborate on partnerships with healthcare providers and government agencies to help them respond to the massive shifts in patient care delivery caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more...

StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force Participants


Livex logo b2
DawnLight Technologies -

Applications to protect healthcare professionals from COVID-19 transmission while providing care for patients. Our technology is being used to help protect caregivers as they work in epicenters of the global breakout.

Enya logo
Enya -

FeverIQ COVID Health Check is a secure an easy-to-use health assessment tool designed by Enya to help businesses reopen safely. It uses advanced algorithms to stratify people according to their risk of spreading SARS-CoV-2 while protecting their privacy. Businesses never need to worry about handling sensitive health information.

Luma health logo
Luma Health -

COVID-19 patient messaging and education through part of an Actionable Reminders product as well as bulk messaging from Broadcast products.

Mon Ami -

Mon Ami is a loneliness solution for seniors. In light of COVID-19, we have had to cut back visits in senior living and nursing homes out of public health precaution. We are devising ways to maintain social connection while our vulnerable members are isolated.

Peanut robotics.cdr 1.cdr 1.cdr 2
Peanut Robotics -

Cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces using robots.

Qventus -

Optimizing hospital operations. We are powering several health system command centers with actionable information around capacity (negative airflow rooms, ventilators etc.) and information on dischargeable patients.

Sensely logo horizontal blue -

Offering population-based COVID-19 screening and education tools, as well as a comprehensive home monitoring program for high risk patients.

Theranova lg 1030x272
Theranova -

Preventing the spread of Coronavirus in this pandemic by turning existing face masks (R95 and R99) into a P100 mask that blocks 100% of particles preventing infection.


Aromyx -

Aromyx is developing olfactory receptor arrays in field-deployable disposable test kits. The technology is enabling sample-to-answer, noninvasive, fast, easy-to-operate and inexpensive tools for the detection of infectious diseases through exhaled breath analysis, suitable for rapid early diagnosis and mass population screening.

Arterys logo black 01 500p
Arterys -

Arterys arms clinical AI developers with a web platform for medical image analysis to accelerate collaborative research in the fight against COVID-19.

Avails medical logo
Avails Medical -

One of the leading causes of death of the coronavirus is sepsis with its associated antibiotic resistance. Avails is developing rapid, automated antibiotic susceptibility testing equipment to help fight sepsis and antibiotic resistance, reducing the turnaround time to antibiotic therapy from days to a few hours.

BioSerenity -

One of the major symptom of COVID-19 is Acute Respiratory Distress. BioSerenity offers a Medical Device to home monitor patients. The data is transmitted remotely to health care providers. BioSerenity provides the service if needed.

Logo deep 6 ai 300x180
Deep 6 Analytics -

Deep 6 AI uses artificial intelligence on medical records to match patients with clinical trials better and faster. Deep 6 is helping researchers find the right patients for their COVID-19 trials and make up for lost time on important trials delayed by the COVID pandemic.

Diagnose early logo
Diagnose Early -

COVID-19 Physicians need a way to differentiate high acuity patients that need life-saving treatment from the 95% of patients that will get better on their own. Diagnose Early patented a test that can accurately and non-invasively predict the clinical course of each patient and therefore guide treatment.

Eko -

Eko combines the electronic stethoscope and EKG with powerful software and is the first platform for mobile acoustic cardiac monitoring in clinic or remotely.

Enable biosciences horizontal
Enable Biosciences -

Enable makes ultrasensitive antibody assays for autoimmune and infectious disease and is working on doing testing of 320 samples/day with its CLIA-certified lab, staffing and high-throughput analyzers.

Open uri20141220 5883 1cl5zdp?1548978007
GenapSys -

GenapSys is a leading DNA sequencing company to bring genetic testing for the masses. GenapSys low-cost, compact and accurate NGS platform can allow large scale surveillance study of viral evolution of SARS-Cov2 in a truly decentralized model. GenapSys has been developing COVID-19 next-gen. sequencing test on its distributed sequencers for surveillance or high throughput screening in various labs close to the sample origin.

Inflammatix -

Inflammatix is developing tests that can inform on the presence, type and severity of infections.The latter can be used to risk-stratify patients who need (vs those that don't need) more acute care.

Lucira Health -

Next generation of infectious disease testing. Disposable test kit to detect DNA and RNA of infectious diseases.

Magnetic insight logo
Magnetic Insight -

A preclinical imaging system based on magnetic particle imaging (MPI) that is used for cell therapy tracking and inflammation monitoring.

Nanowear -

Nanowear's FDA 510(k)-cleared cloth-based nanotechnology transmits digital, clinical-grade biomarkers (electrical, hemodynamic, acoustic, metabolic and activity parameters) in real-time from a remote patient undergarment that's affordable, easy-to-ship, and as easy-to-use as putting on a shirt and pressing a button on your phone. Replacing a holter monitor, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, capnogram and thermometer, Nanowear's all-in-one product enables true remote diagnoses with no touch or physical presence required.

Nephrogen -

Nephrogen is a biotech company for kidney disease. We are leveraging our CLIA lab to expand access to COVID testing in rural areas and using our microfluidic proteomic platform to develop a rapid COVID antigen test.

Nirmidas logo vertical lg
Nirmidas -

COVID-19 rapid tests suitable for schools, large events, and ER rooms and takes only 10 minutes.

Odoc black logo 1032x282 01
oDoc -

oDoc - National telemedicine platform & advanced multilingual COVID-19 self-assessment tool.

Omiq logo black
Omiq -

Omiq develops a cloud analytics platform for patient cellular data to discover diagnostic criteria for high-risk individuals and to aid in the development of vaccines and other interventional therapies. Researchers working on COVID-19 are eligible for discounts and free bioinformatics consultation.

ProbiusDX -

ProbiusDx is developing an assay technology for multiplexed detection of biomarkers in volume-constrained biological specimens, for disease pathophysiology studies and for discovery of novel therapeutics.

Qcyte logo
QuantumCyte -

Accelerate the development of applications to study and cure cellular diseases.

Remedly logo 400
Remedly -

Remedly ERP software enables healthcare clinics to offer efficient high volume drive-by COVID-19 testing. Remedly optimizes the prospective patients' intake, compliance, and visit coordination and makes test results available in HIPAA-compliant patient accounts within minutes.

Respiralabs logo medres
Respira Labs -

Detecting lung function deterioration using active acoustic sensing and machine learning.

Respirix logo
Respirix -

Developing a handheld device that acquires multiple physiological signals in a single patient setting for managing cardiopulmonary health. Data acquired includes end temperature, lung sounds, airway pressure, pulmonary function, ECG, and SPO2.

Sandstone logo
Sandstone Diagnostics -

Sandstone’s Torq Zero Delay Centrifuge System is readily deployable for remote sample collection and prep for point-of-care blood diagnostics and stabilizing samples specimens for shipment to centralized laboratories.

Img 2032
Segmed -

High Quality Data for Medical Research

Sensio ios icon larger s
Sensio Air -

Mobile Application to assess Covid19 symptoms and provide an initial evaluation in the case of a COVID19 infection and filtering out those who either have a regular flu or have asthma / allergic symptoms, in order to reduce the load on healthcare professionals.

Sentinel final logo rgb
Sentinel Healthcare -

COVID-19 quarantine management program for remotely monitoring quarantined patients and healthcare workers who have been exposed.

Spire health logo
Spire Health -

Spire Health is the leader in remote patient monitoring for respiratory diseases. Our clinically proven platform is already widely deployed in pulmonary/critical care practices. It can be used to remotely monitor the disease progression of COVID-19 patients or at-risk individuals. This will alleviate burden on potentially overtaxed in-patient care facilities.

Subtle medical logo
Subtle Medical -

Subtle Medical has 2 FDA-cleared AI software products for faster and low-dose imaging (PET-CT and MR). Studies find CT provides the best diagnosis for COVID-19.

Tagbio -

We're making our data science platform available at no cost for healthcare / life sciences organizations in their fight against COVID-19.

2 zglue logo black
zGlue -

zGlue provides service and technology for the rapid development of wearable electronics especially suitable for extremely small form factor applications. zGlue Omnichip platform includes temperature sensing, SpO2 monitoring, Bluetooth contact tracing for COVID-19, and can be customized to interface with new and upcoming biosensors.


APstem Therapeutics -

APstem's cell therapy restores lung structure and function damaged by COVID-19.

Augmedix logo
Augmedix -

Augmedix provides doctors with hardware, Smartphones or Google Glass, to securely stream the patient visit to its cloud-based platform. When the healthcare system is highly burdened, as it is right now with COVID-19, Augmedix provides the best opportunity to increase doctor productivity and patient access.

Bioz logo v20.2 1000
Bioz -

Our platform assists researchers in performing successful experiments, resulting in much faster discoveries. Bioz can help scientists accelerate the pace of finding a cure for COVID-19 and a vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. logo   large - is offering a paired down version of our best of breed asynchronous care solution at no cost, in order to help manage the influx of activity during this crisis. This new COVID-19 screening tool can sit outside of SmartExam and be available as a widget on any healthcare system website or portal pages.

Chimera Bio -

We build control systems for chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell technology. Our technologies are designed to mediate adverse immune events in CAR T therapies which can be extended to address challenges that critically ill COVID-19 patients face.

Coronavirus Tech Handbook
Coronavirus Tech Handbook -

Dr. Ruth Ann Crystal has crowd sourced a free online handbook for doctors around the world to share their knowledge on treating COVID19:

Email signature logo %282%29
Curebase -

Curebase is a CRO and software platform for decentralized clinical trials. We have developed CURE-19, a dedicated platform for at-home COVID-19 clinical research.

Filtricine logo 300dpi
Filtricine -

Filtricine's lead product TalityTM is a clinical stage ready-to-trial meal replacement product that is originally developed for cancer patients, but may also nutritionally support COVID-19 patients at all stages to restore and maintain their metabolic and immune health.

Gauss logo dark
Gauss Surgical -

Gauss has launched Apollo, a free mobile app that helps people find nearby COVID-19 testing centers and enables contactless screening and digitization.

Gen1e logo
GEn1E -

GEn1E’s p38 kinase inhibitor drugs treat Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) - 67% of the critically ill COVID-19 patients had ARDS. In addition, GEn1E drugs may have direct antiviral effects by boosting host-immune response..

Globavir logo
Globavir BioSciences -

Globavir’s drug GBV 006 - works at the host level - the common mechanisms that get hijacked by various viruses including dengue virus, ebola and coronavirsus. GBV 006 works virus entry into the cells as well as on various mechanisms that involve virus assembly in the cells.

Logo 04
Guided Clarity -

Guided Clarity is launching a clinical nutrition for pulmonary critical care. It lowers infection-induced cytokine storm in lungs, with the potential to reduce ICU incidence and duration.

InfiniGene -

Dr. Michael Niaki is the Diagnostic Subgroup lead and advisor for the StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force.

KangarooHealth -

KangarooHealth provides HIPAA-compliant solutions for coronavirus risk monitoring (enterprises and individuals): (1) an intelligent quarantine management solution for healthcare systems and employers to remotely track their people under investigation for coronavirus risks; (2) a FREE mobile application for individual patients to remotely monitor their health status and symptoms, detect important moments when escalation of care is needed, and connect them to healthcare professionals online for early triage. It reduces unnecessary ER visits and reduces cross contamination risks.

Omny logo 17

OMNY’s platform tracks both episodes of care for COVID-19 as well as the availability of both treatments and supplies, allowing for near real-time coordination of critical supplies across health systems and geographic locations.

Orcabio -

We have a treg cell therapy.

Spot Biosystems -

We provide an exosome based liquid biopsy platform for precision molecular diagnostics of cancer patients.

Synova r layers metropolis large primary large
Synova Life Sciences -

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) are plentiful in fat and have anti-inflammatory and immune effects that may help patients with COVID-19 respiratory distress. Our device can quickly get high yields of these stem cells from a patient's fat for immediate use. We're gearing up for clinical trials with COVID-19 patients and are reaching out to hospitals at this time to help.

Teleon logo color
Teleon Health -

Teleon’s software platform enables senior care and other healthcare organizations to deliver telehealth and virtual care services to patients. Teleon’s messaging and broadcasting platform also helps providers engage patients and their families, coordinate care across distributed teams, and manage staffing and new admissions efficiently to respond to COVID-19.

5e5d35920ef4482b48a0e987 wellsheet logo no slogan new blue
Wellsheet -

Providing intelligent visualization of key clinical content to providers directly within their EHR workflow.

About StartX

StartX is a nonprofit organization advancing the development of Stanford’s top entrepreneurs through experiential education, access to thousands of VCs and investors, and a Who’s Who of industry leaders and serial entrepreneurs providing mentorship. The founder community consists of a diverse mix of 1500+ well-funded Growth-Stage Founders, tenured Stanford Professor Founders, and highly-successful Stanford Alumni Founders. Collectively, StartX companies have raised $8 billion in funding with a combined valuation of more than $22 billion to date. StartX’s Corporate Innovation program helps global corporations quickly test market-ready technology from Stanford alumni founders through structured co-creation and pilot programs. Ranked as a number one accelerator nationally by MIT’s Seed Accelerator Rankings Project, StartX venture funded companies have a 93% survival and acquisition rate in a wide range of industries from consumer Internet and retail products to enterprise software, biotechnology and medical devices.

StartX and StartX Med, the medical entrepreneurial vertical of StartX, includes accomplished founders ranging from undergraduates and masters students to post docs, professors and Stanford alumni being mentored by top Silicon Valley industry leaders. For medical tech founders homegrown at Stanford’s School of Medicine, having intimate access to domain experts and care environments has been fundamental to their success. StartX Med entrepreneurial scientists are changing the world with medical breakthroughs and successful life-saving research trials, including an average of more than six FDA approvals per year. Clinical partners of StartX Med companies encompass more than 250 hospitals, 30,000 care centers, 50,000 physicians and 65 million annual patient visits. StartX Med founders also have the opportunity to utilize 2,000 square feet of shared wet lab space at the StartX facility, located down the street from Stanford University. StartX continues to be a unique startup community compared to accelerators and incubators and does not take equity in companies for admittance into its programs.

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