StartX Extends Online Investor Demo Day for Investors Funding COVID-19 Solutions

The New Crop of Impact Funding Opportunities Follows the Recent Launch of the StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force with the Mobilization of 70+ Stanford Alumni Scientists and Physicians Working on Critical Solutions for the Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatment of the Novel Coronavirus

Palo Alto, CA - March 30, 2020StartX, a non-profit community of 1,500+ Stanford alumni and faculty entrepreneurs, has been perfecting the online demo day experience for the past four years and was fully prepared to present funding opportunities to its network of thousands of top VCs and Investors when the pandemic broke out. Since then, opportunities to fund companies that are making an incredible impact in combating the coronavirus have grown significantly with the mobilization of the StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force and StartX has extended the Online Demo Day for companies fundraising for their COVID-19 solutions.

As therapeutic and diagnostic companies are accelerating work already in progress to reach immediate deadlines necessary in this global health crisis, funding has a direct impact now more than ever to bring research out of the lab and into the ICU.

"Like the majority of StartX startups, most of our companies on the StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force are already well-funded. At the same time, quite a few will be able to bring solutions to real patients sooner in the current climate in order to meet urgent medical needs by applying their solutions to combat the coronavirus." stated Joseph Huang, StartX CEO. "Companies that have been working on cancer treatments have been able to use their research for COVID-19 therapies, diagnostics companies are scaling up for the mass demands in testing, and apps for remote monitoring have taken on a whole new meaning in the current crisis."

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Here are a few examples of the growing number of StartX Med companies participating in the COVID-19 Online Investor Demo Day Extension:

APstem Therapeutics - APstem's cell therapy restores lung structure and function damaged by COVID-19.

AVA - The world's smallest N90 nasal air filtration and health sensing.

Avails Medical - One of the leading causes of death of the coronavirus is sepsis with its associated antibiotic resistance. Avails is developing rapid, automated antibiotic susceptibility testing equipment to help fight sepsis and antibiotic resistance, reducing the turnaround time to antibiotic therapy from days to a few hours.

Diagnose Early - COVID-19 Physicians need to way to identify high acuity patients that need life-saving treatment, from the 95% of patients that will get better on their own. Diagnose Early patented a test that can accurately and non-invasively predict the clinical course of each patient and therefore guide treatment. - A secure computation platform that helps companies protect sensitive data and establish trust by offering true privacy.

GEn1E - GEn1E’s p38 kinase inhibitor drugs treat Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) - 67% of the critically ill COVID-19 patients had ARDS. In addition, GEn1E drugs may have direct antiviral effects by boosting host-immune response.

Guided Clarity - Guided Clarity is launching a clinical nutrition for pulmonary critical care. It lowers infection-induced cytokine storm in lungs, with the potential to reduce ICU incidence and duration.

OMNY - OMNY’s platform tracks both episodes of care for COVID-19 as well as the availability of both treatments and supplies, allowing for near real-time coordination of critical supplies across health systems and geographic locations.

Sandstone Diagnostics - Sandstone’s Torq Zero Delay Centrifuge System is readily deployable for remote sample collection and prep for point-of-care blood diagnostics and stabilizing samples specimens for shipment to centralized laboratories.

Sentinel Healthcare - COVID-19 quarantine management program for remotely monitoring quarantined patients and healthcare workers who have been exposed.

Synova Life Sciences - Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) are plentiful in fat and have anti-inflammatory and immune effects that may help patients with COVID-19 respiratory distress. Our device can quickly get high yields of these stem cells from a patient's fat for immediate use. We're gearing up for clinical trials with COVID-19 patients and are reaching out to hospitals at this time to help.

Wellsheet - Providing intelligent visualization of key clinical content to providers directly within their EHR workflow.

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