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StartX Med Alliance of Remote and Telehealth (SMART) Companies Respond to Massive Shift in Patient Care Delivery During COVID-19 Crisis

Group to Support Providers Through Innovative Digital Health Solutions as Telemed Patients Show Increases up to 175% During the Pandemic

PALO ALTO, CA - July 28, 2020StartX, a non-profit startup community of more than 1600 Stanford faculty and alumni founders, announces the launch of its StartX Med Alliance of Remote and Telehealth (SMART) Initiative and the mobilization of its digital health medical companies to support healthcare providers in their delivery of telehealth, remote monitoring, remote diagnostics, and virtual care services. The consortium will collaborate on partnerships with healthcare providers and government agencies to help them respond to the massive shifts in patient care delivery caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The SMART Initiative is part of the StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force and provides a range of innovative solutions that equip frontline providers in their day-to-day care delivery, helping to minimize health risks to providers and patients in this new COVID-19 environment. Examples of innovation include remote patient monitoring of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, software enabling clinics to offer high volume drive-by COVID-19 testing, remote stem cell and blood sampling for point-of-care use, telehealth and virtual care platforms for physician practices and senior care providers, and telemedicine-enabled mobile retinal scanners that allow nurses and medical assistants to detect eye disease rapidly. Read Full Press Release...

SMART Initiative Participants

Aromyx -

Aromyx is a biotech data insights company that uses olfactory receptors to quantify smell for disease detection, drug discovery, new product development, and quality control.

Livex logo b2
DawnLight Technologies -

DawnLight is creating a mobile app to protect healthcare professionals from coronavirus transmission while providing care for patients. We are already deploying our technology in Wuhan, China, which is the center of the outbreak.

Eko -

Access to high quality lung sounds is a critical element of the COVID-19 screening process. Eko Health has developed digital stethoscopes that allow truly wireless auscultation. This means clinicians wearing isolation gowns and face shields can wirelessly auscultate with headphones without having to expose themselves to deadly pathogens. Additionally, Eko software provides a unique “tele-auscultation” component which can be used to listen for crackles, rhonchi, or rales associated with pneumonia or ARDS. In the case of COVID-19, tele-auscultation protects vulnerable frontline providers, makes the best possible COVID-19 triage decisions, reduces usage of scarce Personal Protective Equipment, and increases treatment efficiency.

Enya logo
Enya -

FeverIQ COVID Health Check is a secure and easy-to-use health assessment tool designed by Enya to help businesses reopen safely. It uses advanced algorithms to stratify people according to their risk of spreading SARS-CoV-2 while protecting their privacy. Businesses never need to worry about handling sensitive health information.

Gauss logo dark
Gauss Surgical -

Gauss has launched Artemis and Apollo, free mobile apps that power COVID-19 testing and research across eight counties and 50,000+ patients in collaboration with Stanford's Departments of Infectious Diseases and Population Health and USC's Department of Health Policy.

Kangaroo Health -

Care Well™ Remote Emergency Management Application combines AI-powered remote patient monitoring technology with online primary care practitioner consultation, reducing unnecessary ER visits, enabling care triage, and avoiding cross contamination. It remotely monitors each end user’s vitals (coupled with 3rd party sensors such as thermometers), symptoms, travel history, etc., to identify each user’s risk and community outbreak zones. The platform can be configured easily per client organization’s triage workflow. It is used by providers, public health agencies, and employers for early risk detection and care triage.

Luma health logo
Luma Health -

We have been getting a lot of requests from our customers about including COVID-19 information into the patient messaging we do as a part of our Actionable Reminders product as well as bulk messaging from our Broadcast product. Most of it is around patient education and also pre-visit prep, etc.

Nanowear -

Nanowear’s FDA 510(k)-cleared cloth-based nanotechnology transmits digital, clinical-grade biomarkers (electrical, hemodynamic, acoustic, metabolic and activity parameters) in real-time from a remote patient undergarment that’s affordable, easy-to-ship, and as easy-to-use as putting on a shirt and pressing a button on your phone. Replacing a holter monitor, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, capnogram and thermometer, Nanowear’s all-in-one product enables true remote diagnoses with no touch or physical presence required.

Remedly logo 400
Remedly -

Remedly ERP software enables healthcare clinics to offer efficient high volume drive-by COVID-19 testing. Remedly optimizes the prospective patients' intake, compliance, and visit coordination and makes test results available in HIPAA-compliant patient accounts within minutes.

Sandstone logo
Sandstone Diagnostics -

Sandstone’s Torq Zero Delay Centrifuge System enables remote lab testing anywhere, anytime by allowing patients to collect, stabilize, and ship blood samples to centralized laboratories. With Torq, patients do not need to physically attend laboratories or draw centers for routine and specialized lab tests. Applications include remote COVID-19 serology testing in addition to conventional clinical chemistry tests that rely on batch processing in centralized labs. Torq is available for implementation by health systems, labs, and telemedicine providers to dramatically expand access to decentralized blood sampling.

Sentinel final logo rgb
Sentinel Healthcare -

Sentinel has released a COVID-19 app for remotely monitoring quarantined patients and healthcare employees who were exposed (PUI). We are working with Seattle hospitals in initial efforts. For context, Sentinel normally monitors blood pressure but we have integrated thermometers for fever tracking alongside CDC recommendations for symptom tracking.

Spect v
Spect -

Spect has built a telemedicine-enabled retinal insights platform. Our service enables medical assistants to perform retinal screening to detect, diagnose and refer a variety of eye diseases. It’s the stethoscope for the eye (simple, small, and easy to use) and is ideal for Telehealth applications.

Spry logo horz 1
Spry Health -

Spry Health helps providers manage care for patients with chronic conditions through its FDA-cleared remote monitoring solution which combines a medical-grade wearable and AI-powered analytics to capture patient vitals and identify early signs of deterioration.

Synova r layers metropolis large primary large
Synova Life Sciences -

Our device quickly gets high yields of a patient's own stem cells from their fat for immediate use. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) are plentiful in fat and have anti-inflammatory and immune effects that may help critical COVID-19 patients and also repair long term damage caused by COVID-19.

Teleon logo color
Teleon Health -

Teleon’s software platform enables senior care and other healthcare organizations to deliver telehealth and virtual care services to patients. Teleon’s messaging and broadcasting platform also helps providers engage patients and their families, coordinate care across distributed teams, and manage staffing and new admissions efficiently to respond to COVID-19.

5e5d35920ef4482b48a0e987 wellsheet logo no slogan new blue
Wellsheet -

Wellsheet provides intelligent visualization of key clinical content to providers directly within their EHR workflow. Wellsheet’s auto-calculating risk score framework supports rigorous identification of patients at high risk of COVID-19.

About StartX

StartX is a nonprofit organization advancing the development of Stanford’s top entrepreneurs through experiential education, access to thousands of VCs and investors, and a Who’s Who of industry leaders and serial entrepreneurs providing mentorship. The founder community consists of a diverse mix of 1600+ well-funded Growth-Stage Founders, tenured Stanford Professor Founders, and highly-successful Stanford Alumni Founders. Collectively, StartX companies have raised $8 billion in funding with a combined valuation of more than $25 billion to date. StartX’s Corporate Innovation program helps global corporations quickly test market-ready technology from Stanford alumni founders through structured co-creation and pilot programs. Ranked as a number one accelerator nationally by MIT’s Seed Accelerator Rankings Project, StartX venture funded companies have a 92% survival and acquisition rate in a wide range of industries from consumer Internet and retail products to enterprise software, biotechnology and medical devices.

StartX and StartX Med, the medical entrepreneurial vertical of StartX, includes accomplished founders ranging from undergraduates and masters students to post docs, professors and Stanford alumni being mentored by top Silicon Valley industry leaders. For medical tech founders homegrown at Stanford’s School of Medicine, having intimate access to domain experts and care environments has been fundamental to their success. StartX Med entrepreneurial scientists are changing the world with medical breakthroughs and successful life-saving research trials, including an average of more than six FDA approvals per year. Clinical partners of StartX Med companies encompass more than 250 hospitals, 30,000 care centers 50,000 physicians and 65 million annual patient visits. StartX Med founders also have the opportunity to utilize 2,000 square feet of shared wet lab space at the StartX facility, located down the street from Stanford University. The StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force, mobilized at the onset of the pandemic, consists of more than 150 Stanford University alumni scientists, physicians, professors, and engineers delivering critical solutions for the prevention, diagnostics, and treatment of the novel coronavirus. StartX continues to be a unique startup community compared to accelerators and incubators and does not take equity in companies for admittance into its programs. Please follow us at @StartX.

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