StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force News Roundup April 2020

StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force companies continue to announce new developments, including advancements towards a cure. Several companies are working on new drugs to treat COVID-19, including the most common lung disease caused by it, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), and are accelerating their efforts to take their treatments into clinical settings. Please let us know if you would like introductions to these StartX Med therapeutics companies working on COVID-19 treatments: GEn1E Lifesciences Inc., Guided Clarity Inc., Globavir Biosciences Inc., AP Stem, and Synova Life Sciences.

A number of companies are also coordinating with city, county and state officials and healthcare systems to offer solutions free of charge during the pandemic.

The StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force was formed at the onset of the pandemic with a mission to deliver solutions for the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of the novel coronavirus. The Task Force now consists of nearly 100 Stanford alumni scientists, physicians and engineers focused on supporting government officials, healthcare systems, and communities in the fight against COVID-19. See full press release.


StartX Med COVID-19
Task Force

Prevention - Diagnostics - Treatment

StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force Company News Roundup

OMNY - Leading Healthcare Companies Announce COVID-19 Research Database

Cardiologs - Cardiologs Announces Clinical Study to Monitor Cardiac Safety of COVID-19 Patients Via Smartwatches

Gauss - Gauss Partners with Evive to Launch Mobile App for COVID-19 Testing and Research

Wellsheet - Predictive Workflow Platform Provides Coronavirus Alerts, Clinical Visibility, and Reduces Time in the EHR and Physician Burnout

Enable Biosciences - Call to Action: Good Tests for Coronavirus are Essential - Help Us Validate

Inflammatix - New Inflammatix CTO to Spearhead the Development of Infections, Sepsis, and COVID-19 Risk Stratification Tests

Sentinel Healthcare - Sentinel Healthcare Announces Partnership with UT Health Austin to Launch Quarantine Management Platform for Novel Coronavirus

Sandstone Diagnostics - Sandstone Submits Torq™ ZDisc for FDA Clearance

Spire Health - Spire Health Helps Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Disorders Institute of South Florida (PCSI) Remotely Monitor High-Risk Patients in Fight Against Coronavirus

Sensely - Sensely's "Ask NHS" App Brand Launches Video Consultations

Spry Health - Spry Health Launches New Service, Loop Signal, to Assist in Surge of COVID-19 Cases by Reducing Avoidable Hospital Visits and Improving Patient Monitoring at Home - COVID-19 Screening Products Help Save Thousands of Provider Hours During Pandemic Crisis

KangarooHealth - KangarooHealth Launches Solutions for COVID-19 Monitoring

StartX - StartX Extends Online Investor Demo Day for Investors Funding COVID-19 Solutions

StartX - Leading Stanford Alumni Scientists and Physicians Launch StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force

GenapSys - GenapSys Partners with Twist Bioscience to Bring Next-Generation Sequencing Target Enrichment and Library Preparation to World’s Most Accessible Highly Accurate Sequencer

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